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Employee Spotlight: Meet Administrative Assistant Elliot Joffe

Bayonets and night vision goggles from the Cold War Era. Medals from WWI. Currencies from countries that no longer exist. 
All things that fascinate Administrative Assistant Elliot Joffe, whose affinity for collecting historically significant artifacts stems from both of his grandfathers. 
“If there was a rich history behind something, and it held a market value of some kind, my grandfathers appreciated it – both as a conversation piece and an investment,” Elliot said.
Elliot’s relationship with his grandfathers is something he has in common with Managing Partner Gary Lesser, whose grandfather, Joseph Lesser, founded the firm 96 years ago.  
Elliot joined the team almost two years ago after Client Intake Coordinator Megan Sjogren recommended that he interview for a position. The two became friends as young adults while working together at KFC.  Elliot was born in West Palm Beach and raised in Huntington, New York before his mother moved back to Palm Beach County and settled in Wellington, where he finished school. During that time, Elliot joined the Neil S. Hirsch Boys and Girls Club, where he volunteered as a counselor and earned the Youth of the Year award.  “The club allowed me to guest speak at corporate luncheons and golf tournaments, and I represented our county with visits from high-profile guests like Paul Bremmer and Mikhail Gorbachev,” Elliot recalled.  Elliot remains passionate about the Boys & Girls Clubs of America and their efforts to create a sense of community for children. 
When he’s not working, he enjoys playing challenging tabletop board games, gravitating toward ones with economy and armies on the table. Elliot, who considers himself a good strategist, is also a proficient lyricist and can play music by ear.  
His favorite thing about working at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC? His coworkers, of course.  
“It’s a privilege to report daily to a place that attracts our kind of energy,” Elliot said. “Our people are not one dimensional. We all have layers of fascinating and inspiring qualities.”

Palm Beach County: 561-655-2028
Martin County: 772-283-6839
Toll-Free: 1-877-LAW-LLLS

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