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Though work-related accidents and injuries tend to be more common in certain industries, any Florida workplace can be more dangerous than you expect. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that there are approximately 300 fatalities and hundreds more nonfatal injuries every year linked to conditions in the workplace. Entire households suffer when an employee sustains injuries, incurs astronomical medical bills, and cannot work.

At Lesser, Lesser Landy & Smith PLLC, our attorneys understand how a work-related injury or illness can affect your life. Fortunately, Florida workers’ compensation laws provide monetary benefits for eligible workers, and we can help you with the claims process. Please contact our office to set up a free appointment with a Stuart workers’ compensation lawyer, and read on for some important information regarding these cases.

How Florida Workers’ Compensation Claims Work: Unlike other personal injury cases, the workers’ comp system in Florida isn’t based upon fault. You don’t need to prove that your employer was negligent in an injury-causing accident; instead, you must show that you’re eligible for workers’ comp benefits because you’re a covered employee who was hurt on the job. The claims process starts with notifying your employer about your injuries and filing documentation with your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company.

The caveat to not having to prove fault is that workers’ compensation is your sole legal remedy. You cannot file a lawsuit in court to obtain monetary benefits, and you’re not able to seek damages for pain, suffering, and other non-economic losses. There are limited exceptions to the exclusivity of liability rule, so you can initiate litigation if:

  • Your employer doesn’t carry workers’ compensation insurance as required by Florida law;
  • Intentional conduct was the cause of your injuries; or,
  • Some other person or entity was responsible for your injuries, such as a vendor, partner, contractor, or other third party.

Benefits for Eligible Employees: If your claim is approved by your employer’s workers’ comp insurance company, there are multiple benefits available by law. They include:

  • The costs of medical care for your injuries or illness;
  • A percentage of your lost wages, if you’re unable to work for seven days or more; and,
  • Vocational rehabilitation and training, in case you cannot work in your previous position and need to learn new skills.

In addition, if you lost a loved one because of a workplace injury or illness, you may qualify for death benefits.

Set Up a Free Consultation with a Stuart Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Though this overview of workers’ comp laws in Florida may be helpful, the claims process is more complicated than you’d expect. Even when your rights seem clear, you could be denied benefits at a time when you desperately need financial support. For more information on your legal options, please contact Lesser Lesser Landy & Smith PLLC at 772-283-6839. You can also visit us online to schedule a free case assessment at our offices in Stuart, FL. Our workers’ comp lawyers represent clients throughout Martin County and Eastern Florida, and we’re happy to help with your claim.

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