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Booking a cruise to visit a warm exotic location or explore a new place is an event people typically plan and save for over a significant period of time. The leisurely pace of this kind of travel, as compared to flying, allows passengers the opportunity to relax and disconnect from the stress and business of normal life. However, being on a ship in the middle of a body of water brings the risk of serious injury if something goes wrong, or a safety issue on the ship is not quickly addressed. If an injury does occur, who is responsible, and can passengers sue the cruise operator for negligence in a personal injury lawsuit? Contact our cruise ship injury lawyers today, we can help.

Cruise Ship Injury Attorney Representing Plaintiffs in Stuart, Florida

Residents of Stuart, Florida and many visitors to Florida’s Atlantic coast often enjoy vacations on cruise ships that travel to the Caribbean and other regions of the globe. While a cruise can provide a relaxing experience for numerous individuals, couples, and families, cruise ship injuries occur more often than you might think. In recent years, you may have read information about overboard falls from cruise ships, as well as food poisoning incidents and dangerous slips and falls on slick cruise ship decks. In some situations, passengers even suffer harm as a result of assaults and intentional injuries onboard the vessel.

Unlike other types of personal injury lawsuits in Florida, many cruise ship injury claims are governed by maritime law. As such, it is necessary to have an advocate on your side with experience handling cruise ship injury claims. The personal injury attorneys at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC have been assisting injured plaintiffs for years with cruise ship injury lawsuits. If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries while vacationing on a cruise ship, it is extremely important to learn more about filing a claim by speaking with a Stuart cruise ship injury lawyer.

Common Types of Cruise Ship Injuries in Stuart

The Cruise Ship International Association annual report explains that cruise ship injuries happen with some frequency, including more than a dozen overboard accidents every year. There are many different types of accidents and injuries that can occur on a cruise ship, including but not limited to the following:

  • Slip and fall accident on a slick cruise ship deck;
  • Overboard fall;
  • Tripping and falling down a staircase of a cruise ship;
  • Food poisoning injury; and
  • Assault by another passenger or crew member.

Causes of Cruise Ship

Cruise ship injuries can happen for a variety of reasons, from negligence to another party intentionally engaging in harmful behavior. Some of the following are common reasons that cruise ship injuries occur:

  • Slick cruise ship deck, flooring, or stairs due to a spilled drink, pool water, or other liquids that were not cleaned up properly;
  • Lack of handrails on a staircase;
  • Defectively designed or manufactured handrails on a cruise ship staircase;
  • Shallow steps on a cruise ship that were not designed with passengers in mind;
  • Lack of guard rails to prevent an overboard accident;
  • Poorly designed or manufactured guard rails that bend or break, causing an overboard accident;
  • Poor lighting in or around rooms and other cruise ship areas, resulting in an intentional assault or attack going unnoticed;
  • Poor security in an area of the cruise ship known to be hazardous;
  • Lack of proper locking mechanisms on cruise ship doors; and/or
  • Failure to run appropriate background checks on employee with histories of violence or sexual assault.

Cruise ships owe passengers a heightened duty of care under federal law, which means taking steps to prevent harm. When cruise ships fail to live up to that duty of care, they may be liable for a passenger’s injuries.

Contact a Stuart Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

While a person’s risk of getting hurt onboard a cruise ship remains much lower than everyday car accident risks, injuries do occur on cruise vessels. From slips and falls to intentional assaults, it is important to know that cruise ships can be liable for injuries. A Stuart cruise ship injury attorney can help with your claim. Contact Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC today.

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