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6 Steps to Monitor Nursing Home Care

The decision to admit a loved one into a nursing home is incredibly difficult. Often, it occurs after the family comes to the realization that they are no longer physically capable of providing for their loved one’s needs. The family is placing its most cherished possession (their family members) into the hands of others. The family trusts that the nursing home will treat their family member with compassion, respect, and dignity. Unfortunately, some facilities choose to blatantly disregard their legal, moral and ethical responsibilities.
Once you’ve chosen the nursing home to place your loved one in, it is important that you take the proper steps to monitor their care. These steps will help decrease the stress and make certain your loved one receives proper care.
  • Visit frequently. If the staff knows that you are actively involved in the resident’s care, they will be more attentive.
  • Vary the dates and times of your visits. Avoid a set visitation schedule, so the staff will always be ready for your visit by providing proper care.
  • Speak to the aides and nurses. Establish a good rapport with the staff. Effective communication is helpful to ensure the residents’ needs are met and that the staff is comfortable alerting you to any problems.
  • Be involved. Be involved in the care plan process and health assessments, addressing each of the resident’s daily needs, including nutrition, hydration, therapy, social interaction, mobility and safety issues. Your insight is invaluable – share it, be active and stay involved – and the harder the staff will work.
  • Stay involved. Review the chart each visit. Don’t hesitate to ask the staff to read an illegible entry to you. Review meal and medication schedules – make sure they are performing what is documented. If you catch a fraudulent entry, deal with it immediately. It may be evidence of larger issues.
  • Report problems. If you have concerns, make them known. Speak with the staff, and share your complaint. If you don’t receive a satisfactory response, go up the chain of command, and speak with the Director of Nursing and then the Administrator. If all else fails, contact the local Ombudsman.
Each year our firm handles cases involving nursing home residents that sustained horrific injuries and that have even been killed due to the sheer neglect of their professional caregivers. We have handled cases involving bedsores, open wounds, physical abuse, mental abuse, dehydration, malnutrition, medication errors, over-sedation, poor personal hygiene, and a host of other tragic, but preventable, incidents.
We pride ourselves on helping those who are unable to help themselves. For years, I defended nursing homes all over the state of Florida. This experience provides me with keen insight into the delicate nuances of these unique cases. Ultimately, I chose to reject any further representation of nursing homes and, instead, limit my practice to victims of negligence. Based upon my trial record, I was one of only three attorneys in the entire state to be inducted into the Trial Lawyers Hall of Fame – Nursing Home Division. Recently, I was recognized as a Top 10 Nursing Home Trial Lawyer for the state of Florida by the The National Trial Lawyers. If you suspect your loved one has been a victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, do not hesitate to contact my firm for a free consultation.

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