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School’s Out! Enjoy a SAFE Summer

It’s that time of year again, another summer is upon us and with it comes the potential for a lot of fun. Summer camps, swimming and boat rides are a staple of South Florida summers as we all do our best to beat the heat while creating lasting memories for our children and loved ones. Here at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, we want to ensure that you have the best possible summer and therefore we’d like to suggest that you avoid the following pitfalls, which can put a damper on anyone’s good time.

Bicycles: A bike is a child’s best chance at freedom and independence because it allows them to travel miles from home, meet up with friends and get into all sorts of fun outside the watchful eyes of mom and dad. (Incidentally, it also provides a bit of freedom for parents whose schedule is otherwise tied to their child’s transportation needs.

In order to ensure that biking remains fun, safe and convenient please ensure that young riders: always wear a helmet (no matter what); ride on sidewalks where available; keep an eye out for turning cars at every intersection (including cars coming out of driveways; wear bright colors; and, use hand signals.

For those of you who are riding in cars, please remember to always look (both ways) for bikes and allow AT LEAST three (3) feet of distance when passing. This isn’t just common sense and common courtesy…it’s the law.

With a little bit of vigilance, we can help ensure that no child is struck by a car or seriously injured this summer just for doing what kids naturally do.

Swimming: Few things in life are better than sliding into the cool water of a backyard pool on a hot Florida day. Unfortunately, every summer we all see tragically watch as the news inevitably reports the drowning of a small child left unattended near a swimming pool or pond. However, these tragedies don’t have to be inevitable… some basic care and precautions you can ensure that your children and those in your community can share an enjoyable summer of aquatics without fear of the unthinkable.

Here are some summertime tips that might sound basic, but they just might also save a life: never leave a child unattended near any body of water (EVER), a child can drown in mere seconds while playing in just inches of water; teach your children to swim…the best defense is always a good offense (there are plenty of programs providing free or affordable lessons to those in need); install a barrier around your pool or an alarm on your exterior doors (or both); explain to children why its important that they avoid drains, which seem like fun areas of the pool to explore but can be dangerous or even deadly. Finally, make sure that every adult in your sphere knows CPR, including the modifications for CPR on a child.

Boating: What could be more a more quintessentially summer activity than taking your family out on the boat on a beautiful Florida weekend. Boating is a huge part of our culture and our economy as millions of residents, along with scores of visitors, use our waterways every day. In order to ensure that your boating experience is safe and uneventful, you should always: ensure that every child wears a Coast Guard approved life jacket (it’s a good idea, and it’s the law); obey all markers and speed limits; use reasonable caution as approaching other watercraft; and, have a plan if something goes wrong.

There are few things better than spending the lazy days of summer enjoying that our community has to offer. As you do so, please ensure that you follow these safety tips to ensure that the memories you create are ones that you will want to remember for the rest of our life. As life-long advocates for the victims of senseless personal injuries, Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith is committed to helping prevent unnecessary harm to individuals and families in our community. We hope that you find these tips useful and that you employ them as you enjoy your summer vacation.

The law firm of Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, PLLC has been assisting the victims of unnecessary injuries for more than ninety-five (95) years. If you have been injured and would like to discuss your claim or learn how to preserve your rights, you can contact us any time to schedule a free consultation.

Blog is written by Attorney Josh Ferraro

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