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At Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith, our mission is to provide personal service to our clients from start to finish in resolving their injury claims. For many of our clients, it comes as a total shock to find themselves injured by the negligent act of another, and the process of bringing a personal injury claim to recover for the financial, physical, and emotional losses suffered in the accident can feel intimidating, confusing, and arduous. Contact our experienced  personal injury lawyers for information or help with your injury case.

We have been representing injured plaintiffs and their families in and around the West Palm Beach, Stuart, and Boca areas since we opened our doors in 1927, and we understand just how difficult this process can be. Our experienced West Palm Beach Injury Lawyers will be at your side throughout the entirety of your matter, and our lawyers will be there to provide personal communication to you at every step as we guide you and your family towards recovery. Below is a brief overview of what the road to your injury recovery may entail.

Investigating the Accident

The investigation of a injury accident should ideally occur as soon as possible after the accident. Once you retain our firm’s services, we will begin investigating the facts of the accident and the resulting injuries. This can involve examining the accident scene, analyzing physical evidence related to the scene (e.g. damaged vehicles), discussing the accident with you and any eyewitnesses, and speaking with any defendants and their lawyers and insurance companies.

Building Your Injury Case

As we investigate the facts of your accident, we will begin building the legal case for why you are entitled to monetary damages. In Florida, this often requires showing that a defendant breached a legal duty owed to you by acting wrongly or failing to act. For example, motorists and boat operators have a legal duty to operate their vehicle in a reasonable manner so as to prevent injury to bystanders, passengers, and other foreseeable plaintiffs. Likewise, property owners in Florida have a duty to guests to inspect their property for potential dangers and make the property safe.
Once a legal duty and breach of that duty have been established, we will work to show that the defendant’s actions were the legal cause of your injuries. In many cases, proving causation may be straightforward, but in other cases it can be more challenging. Defendants will often to try to argue that another party caused the accident, and frequently will attempt to place blame on the plaintiff. Importantly, in Florida, even where the plaintiff may be partially at fault, the plaintiff can often recover at least a portion of the compensation owed.

Finally, our focus will be on proving the full range of your damages. As an injured plaintiff in a successful injury action, you should be entitled to recovery for all of your damages, including past and future medical bills, lost income and reduced earning potential, pain and suffering, and so on. Proving these damages in court before a jury can be challenging, but our injury lawyers have decades of experience in arguing for and winning the full damages owed to a plaintiff.

Settlement and Trial

Throughout the time we are investigating and building your case, our lawyers will be working to obtain recovery for you as soon as possible. In many cases, a defendant will agree to a settlement without trial based on the strength of your case. If the defendant is unwilling to provide a reasonable settlement, the case may proceed to trial, at which evidence will be presented before a judge and jury, who will make a determination regarding your claims. We have extensive courtroom experience, and will fight for every penny you are owed.

Work with the Experienced Injury Lawyers at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith

While the above overview of the personal injury process is meant to provide you with a sense of your road to recovery, know that our lawyers will personally guide you and your family through the personal injury process from start to finish, and that you will never have to do this on your own. Our lawyers provide representation in the following injury areas and more. In West Palm Beach and from Stuart to Boca Raton, contact the experienced West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith today to schedule a free consultation.

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