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National Walking Day: 5 Common Causes of Pedestrian Accidents & How to Prevent Them

As we celebrate National Walking Day, it’s important to emphasize that we all play a role in pedestrian safety. Pedestrian accidents can happen anywhere, at any time, and understanding their common causes is a great way to prevent them from happening.
Here are the top 5 most common causes of pedestrian accidents:
1.      Distracted Driving – One of the leading causes of pedestrian accidents is distracted driving. Drivers are often preoccupied with their phones or GPS while behind the wheel. Put the phones down, stop texting and focus solely on the task of driving. Walkers should make eye contact with drivers before crossing intersections or crosswalks.
2.      Failure to Yield – Whether due to impatience or negligence, drivers may disregard traffic signals or fail to yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections. Pedestrians should exercise caution when crossing streets, making sure to wait for a clear signal or for vehicles to come to a complete stop before proceeding.
3.      Speeding – When a driver exceeds the posted speed limit, he or she has less time to react to pedestrians crossing the street. The results can be catastrophic. Drivers must adhere to speed limits and walkers should be wary of speeding vehicles near roadways.
4.      Poor Visibility – Reduced visibility makes it challenging for drivers and pedestrians to see each other, increasing the likelihood of accidents. Pedestrians should wear bright, reflective clothing and carry a flashlight when walking at night or in adverse weather conditions. Drivers should use headlights and exercise caution when driving in low-light or inclement weather situations.
5.      Jaywalking – Crossing the street outside of designated crosswalks or intersections can result in pedestrian accidents. While it may seem convenient to take a shortcut, jaywalking puts pedestrians in harm’s way. Pedestrians should always use a crosswalk and obey traffic signals.
On National Walking Day, let’s commit to promoting pedestrian safety and reducing the prevalence of pedestrian accidents. With offices in West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, Stuart, Wellington and Bradenton, the attorneys at Lesser, Lesser, Landy & Smith have handled many pedestrian accidents over the years and stand ready to help you or your loved ones if they are injured while walking in Florida.

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