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Hablamos Español / No Recovery No Fee

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Employee Spotlight: Client Intake Coordinator Megan Sjogren

Megan Sjogren is the voice of calm and compassion on the other end of the phone when you first call our Firm to discuss your case.
She takes great pride and finds even greater purpose in her role here as client intake coordinator, knowing no one is really calling just to chit chat.  
“I like to be the person to tell them it will be okay, and we will do whatever we can to help,” Megan said. “I enjoy putting people at ease when they’re upset about a situation that wasn’t their fault.” 
Her motivation – living for every moment, doing as much as she can while she can. 
A look into Megan’s life outside of work reveals just how deep her lust for life goes. 
Megan lives in an RV and loves doing things outside. She snowboards every weekend in the winter. In the summer, she hikes, camps, fishes and goes dirt-bike riding.
She’s been riding motorcycles since she was 20 years old (and yes, she’s gotten hurt plenty of times). She goes bowling (a lot) and saves recipes she sees on Instagram, challenging herself to re-create them. She can learn any instrument she picks up rather quickly. Topping her bucket list is seeing the Northern Lights. 
“I’ve been traveling since I was 18 – either via car or cheap plane ticket,” she said. “There are many times I’ve been to a place and just cried because it’s so beautiful. I live for those moments of feeling grateful to be alive. I only planned to be living on wheels for a year or so but now it’s been almost three years.” 
Some other fun facts about Megan – she collects pins from National Parks; has always wanted to learn how to juggle and if she won the lottery, she’d buy back Palm Beach International Raceway and open it back up for racing.
A fun fact Megan knows: Nepal’s Department of Tourism estimates that on Mount Everest alone, there is nearly 140,000 tons of waste. Anyone visiting Mount Everest must pay a $4,000 deposit, and the money is refunded if they return with 18 pounds of garbage.  
Her mantra is one we can all relate to: Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Palm Beach County: 561-655-2028
Martin County: 772-283-6839
Toll-Free: 1-877-LAW-LLLS

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